Wooden Star Ornament

In search of a fairly simple ornament to make as a gift, I dug around online for a bit and got some inspiration from various different sites. I had hoped to do something more three dimensional, like a Moravian star, but didn’t have the right stock for constructing the pieces. So, I ended up with…More

Gotcha: Android O and View.hasFocusable()

Are you using or overriding View.hasFocusable() in your application? Watch out for behavior changes in Android O and a newly added View.hasExplicitFocusable(). The behavior of hasFocusable() will change depending on whether you are targeting SDK 26, or an older version, while hasExplicitFocusable() maintains the pre-O behavior of hasFocusable(), regardless of the SDK version that you are targeting. If you are overriding hasFocusable(), know that…More

A Quick Note on Assets for Notifications

I have recently spent some time getting all the appropriate drawable assets together for the notifications in an app, including support of Lollipop, Wear, and pre-Lollipop devices. Unfortunately, it took a lot of digging and a bit of trial and error to get everything right, so I figured I would document everything in one place…More